Jon Robert Hall
Hit songwriter & artist

Jon Robert Hall is a signed songwriter to Warner Chappell Music in Nashville, and more recently dawned the proud title of “girl-dad” with his wife, Tiffany, and the birth of baby Rosiana. Jon’s journey to becoming one of the music industry’s rising writers is unconventional and dynamic. At the age of 10, Jon spent most days in the recording studios around Hollywood, singing on movies, TV shows, and albums. His voice is heard on records with music industry giants like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Josh Groban. After more than two decades, Jon’s voice is also heard across over 100 films and TV shows, ranging from major motion pictures like Star Wars, Tarzan, SING!, and more. Jon’s talent goes beyond his voice. His acting chops landed him as a season regular for the FOX hit TV series, “GLEE,” as a Warbler, landing a lead role as Fiyero in Wicked the Musical, and Grease Live!

As Jon immersed himself in singing and acting for TV/Film and theatre, he also began writing original music, traveling back and forth between LA and Nashville for writing sessions. While working on an album and record deal, paired with some of the industry’s top writers, he began to turn heads with his writing sensibilities. Although writers were meant to work on Jon’s projects, he was getting invited to write for other artists. Only one year into his artist project, Jon caught the attention of the major labels. On June 29, 2023, Jon signed with Warner Chappell Music.

Jon’s versatility as a writer, lyrically and melodically, has him writing across genres: pop, rock, country, singer-songwriter, punk rock, and folk, including sessions with and materialized on Morgan Wallen’s new hit album, Machine Gun Kelly, Childish Gambino, Florida Georgia Line, Jake Scott, Kygo, Colton Dixon, and more.

Jon’s multifaceted background results in a wealth of dynamic storytelling with music and stories from being a child in the studio, to singing with recording artist icons, to TV/film, and as a trusted collaborator in the music industry. To learn more about Jon and to review a select list of credentials, click here.

In the style of a Sundance Bluebird Cafe Concert, Jon will craft an intimate and interactive experience that provides behind-the-scenes stories from each phase of his career. Picture songs from Disney and mainstream movies that he sang on, storytelling moments from the Broadway hit Wicked the Musical, artists he’s recorded with, Jon’s original music, and artists he’s written with. The audience will be taken on a journey with songs performed by a three-piece band and Jon singing solo with his guitar.

On the interactive side, envision a scene from the Jimmy Fallon show where audience members will be invited up to perform with Jon on kid instruments, participate in singalong moments, and have an opportunity after the performance to meet Jon personally. The evening will offer an experience that delves into the rare background of the creative process, from a child-to-teen perspective, which Jon can speak to in alignment with Gabb’s mission. Jon is eager to brainstorm additional ideas to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for Gabb.

An evening with Jon can be staged to meet any venue configuration. A stage isn’t necessary. To produce the experience, the following are the basic needs to stage a quality performance and keep production expenses low:

  • Sound: locally sourced with Jon’s team support, a local engineer will provide speakers, mixing board, microphones, mic stands, electrical, etc. 
  • Musicians: a drummer (that also serves as the music director) and guitarist can be sourced locally (no instrument rentals needed).
  • Jon: flown in from Thousand Oaks, California – Jon would require local transportation, hotel, and per diem. He would fly in the day before the event for a tech rehearsal with the band, perform the following evening, and return to California the following day.
  • Riser: pending venue configuration, if there is no stage, there may be the need for a riser (local rental).
  • Soundcheck: Jon, the band, and the audio engineer would need access the morning of the event for setup, rehearsal, and soundcheck.
  • Hospitality: for the engineer, the band, and Jon, meals would be provided for performance day.
  • Production Dynamics: when performing music with the band, songs will sound just like the recordings as music elements are piped in via production stems while Jon on lead guitar, the rhythm guitarist, and drummer play live.

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